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    Open Adult Class Schedule

    Zohar's classes are ongoing and open unless noted otherwise. Please check updates or the calendar for latest changes. Page updated 7/13/16

    Class descriptions | Class Fees & Payment Policy | Teacher Bios | Schedule Notes

    L6 = This is the studio adjacent to Zohar. Entrance to this studio is on the non-parking lot side of the "L" wing. Walk through Zohar and turn right.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday





    9:30a-11:15a Int/Adv Modern
    Lisa Burnett




    9:00a-10:30a Int/Adv Modern
    Lisa Burnett


    9:30a-11:00a Beg. Jazz (L6)
    Daynee Krauss

    10:00a-11:45a Int/Adv Ballet Marny Trounson

    10:30a-12:15p Int/Adv Ballet Kristine Elliott

    10:00a-11:45a Int/Adv Ballet Marny Trounson

    10:30a-12:15p Int/Adv Ballet Kristine Elliott

    10:15a-12:00p Int/Adv Ballet Marny Trounson

    Int/Adv Jazz Daynee Krauss


    Zohar Rehearsal

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday





    Ongoing Private Lesson

    Ongoing Renter

    Ongoing Renter

    Ongoing Renter August-May
    Ongoing Renter August-May
    Ongoing Renter August-May

    Int/Adv Contemporary
    Adrienne Foley

    6:00p-7:30p Int/Adv Jazz Daynee Krauss

    Adv Beg/Int Ballet
    Kristine Elliott

    6:00p-7:35p Int/Adv Jazz Daynee Krauss

    Ongoing Renter

    Ongoing Renter

    Ongoing Renter

    7:30p-9:00p Beg. Jazz
    Daynee Krauss

    Modern Release

    Jeannine Charles

    Zohar Rehearsal



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    David Stein will be accompanying Kristine Elliot's Ballet Class
    10:30am Ballet
    Tuesdays July 12, 19, 26, and August 2
    Subs for July
    Saturday, July 23 - 9:30am Modern is with Teresa Maldonado-Marchok
    Tuesday, July 26 - 10:30am Ballet is with Rika Onizuka
    Wednesday, July 27 - 6:00pm Ballet is with Rena Robinson
    Thursday, July 28 - 10:30am Ballet is with Anton Pankevitch
    Zohar's Founder and Artistic Director, Ehud Krauss, will be celebrating his 70th Birthday
    We will be having a potluch party on Saturday, July 16 from 4:00pm-7:00pm
    Cake at 5:30pm
    There is a sign-up sheet for both the potluck and if you want to help:
    Potluck List - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g_ar7zV9O1_naLhESZ7Np6o6tRp55vhamdemruJuHU8/edit?usp=sharing
    Help List - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v9A-sC96L4hQyKvSksRfLeL0ePKRfS6Nsy94nsjtGP0/edit?usp=sharing


    Class Descriptions
    Adult Jazz, Adult Modern, Adult Ballet, Adult Tap, Adult Musical Theater

    Jazz - Zohar's style is a lyrical contemporary style that combines classical jazz, ballet, modern (Graham), and Luigi's style. Both Ehud and Daynee do a choreographed warm-up, followed by movement across the floor, and a combination.

    Modern - Lisa's class begins with a floor barre that incorporates pilates-based exercises, followed by a thorough barre, movement across the floor, and a combination. Classes are accompanied by a pianist. 

    Ballet - Kristine teaches American ballet, which is straightforward with clean and bold lines. Marny's style is based on the Royal Ballet style, which is clean and romantic. Marny teaches with recorded music. Kristine typically has a pianist. It is recommended that you contribute separately to a pianist fee when taking Kristine's class.

    Contemporary - Adrienne specializes in modern and contemporary movement - emphasizing speed, efficiency, and an aggressive spatial dynamic that supports a more advanced artistic sensibility.  Contemporary fundamentals, including the use of weight and thoughtful attention to transitions result in a quality of movement that enhances all dance styles and disciplines, as well as cultivating versatility and joyful expression.