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    Open Adult Class Schedule

    Zohar's classes are ongoing and open unless noted otherwise. Please check updates or the calendar for latest changes. Page updated 6/27/18

    Class descriptions | Class Fees & Payment Policy | Teacher Bios | Schedule Notes

    L6 = This is the studio adjacent to Zohar. Entrance to this studio is on the non-parking lot side of the "L" wing. Walk through Zohar and turn right.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday





    9:30a-11:15a Int/Adv Modern
    Lisa Burnett




    9:00a-10:30a Int/Adv Modern
    Lisa Burnett


    9:30a-11:00a Beg. Jazz (L6)
    Daynee Krauss

    10:00a-11:45a Int/Adv Ballet Marny Trounson

    10:30a-12:15p Int/Adv Ballet Kristine Elliott

    10:00a-11:45a Int/Adv Ballet Marny Trounson

    10:30a-12:15p Int/Adv Ballet Kristine Elliott

    10:15a-12:00p Int/Adv Ballet Marny Trounson

    Int/Adv Jazz Daynee Krauss


    Zohar Rehearsal

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday

    Kinder Combo with Tami Burton
    Call for session & fees



    Tiny Tots
    with Tami Burton
    Call for session & fees


    Mixed Level Jazz
    Vivian Sam

    Tap/Jazz/Ballet for 8-12yrs
    with Tami Burton
    Call for session & fees






    Int/Adv Contemporary
    Adrienne Foley

    6:00p-7:30p Int/Adv Jazz Daynee Krauss

    Adv Beg/Int Ballet
    Kristine Elliott

    6:00p-7:35p Int/Adv Jazz Daynee Krauss




    7:30p-9:00p Beg. Jazz
    Daynee Krauss

    Modern Release

    Jeannine Charles




    4th of July Schedule
    All Classes as usual with the exception of:
    Monday, July 2 - NO 6:00pm Contemporary Class
    Wednesday, July 4 - NO 6:00pm Ballet Class and NO 7:30pm Modern Class
    Explore the World of Pirouettes! - Last class devoted to turns.

    The Art of Turning with Kristine Elliott

    Last class: Tuesday, July 3, 10:30am-12:15pm

    What are the ingredients of a successful turn?

    • We will practice turns en dehors and en dedans
    • Large turns in attitude and arabesque
    • Diagonal turns and turns in a circle
    • Coda turns and more…
    An entire class devoted to turns!
    July 21 - Free Contemporary Ballet Master Class with Mariana Sobral
    Join us for this fabulous opportunity to take class with Mariana.
    You are in for a special class that inspires you to move and find your "voice"
    This is being offered in conjunction with the premiere of Zohar's Performance Series taking place later that evening.

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