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    30th Anniv Logo

    September 2009 marked Zohar's 30th year of business in Palo Alto! We had a gathering at Zohar and reconnected with dancers from the past and friends that have been a part of our dance family. If you weren't able to attend, there are photos and videos that you can view either by going to our flickr or youtube account or check out our facebook page for additional photos and links to the video.

    Thank you all for your support all these years, we look forward to sharing many more years of dance with you!


    Zohar's 30th anniversary raffle
    Thank you everyone who supported us by purchasing a raffle ticket. And a thank you to all the wonderful individuals and businesses that donated the incredible raffle items.

    Susie Prohaska won Zohar's last drawing in August for 2 months of unlimited classes at Zohar, and a private dance lesson.

    Cathy Ching won July's drawing for a lululemon duffle bag, classes at Zohar, and a gift certificate at Pizz'a Chicago and Peet's coffee

    Hideko Sakamoto won June's prizes of a gift certificate to Pompeii Restaurant, 2 manicures at Fabulous Nails, a haircut with Nicoll at Cezanne's and Peet's coffee

    Jan Penagos was May's big winner of gift certificates to Miyo Yogurt, Adventure Toys and Hobbee's Restaurant in addition to 4 classes at Zohar

    April's winner was Jill Antonides. She won a gift certificate to Piazza's, Pizz'a Chicago, Jamba Juice and Philz Coffee in addition to 4 classes at Zohar

    Carleen Bruins was March's winner of a pair of tickets to a SF Giants home game and a physical therapy session with Marci Kneeter

    Kim Polese was February's winner of a gold dragonfly pendant from Fina Boutique in Los Altos and a Shiatsu session with Lisa Burnett

    Carolyn Koenig was January's winner of 2 Weeks of Dance Classes at Zohar (unlimited), Gift Certificate for Peets Coffee, Capezio Dance Bag, and a Zohar T-shirt

    Mara Roccaforte was December's winner of a Trey Chic serving tray, a bottle of wine from Vino 100/Los Altos, and a Zohar t-shirt

    Mini Drawings held at Zohar's Holiday Performance on December 12 gave massages at Back to Health in Los Altos to Maria Dulay and Sharon Rylander!

    Elaine Phoutrides was November's winner of 10 yoga classes at Avalon Yoga, Zohar t-shirt, and Starbucks coffee 

    Tara Bozorg-Grayeli was October's winner of 4 classes at Zohar, a pilates session with Lisa Burnett, a Capezio dance bag, and a Zohar T-shirt. :)

    Susie Prohaska was September's big winner of a month membership at Equinox Fitness in Palo Alto, massage at Sage Wellness Center, T-shirt, and coffee from Palo Alto Café

    9/12: Lesley Rappaport won tickets for 2 to see Palo Alto Players Pete 'n Keely!

    30th Anniversary T-shirts are here.
    Come and get one!

    Adult Short-sleeve T $12
    Adult Long-sleeve T $16
    Women's Cotton/Spandex Fitted T $18
    Youth Short-sleeve T $10
    Youth Long-sleeve T $14

    Here are some stories from students when asked "How Long Have You Been At Zohar?" in December 2008.

    I started dancing at Zohar hmmm, must have been about 1996. Blake and I got married and moved from San Diego to Sunnyvale in August of 1995.  I commuted to Livermore for work, and thankfully got laid off before the real bad winter weather kicked in.  I then got a job 2 miles from our house at Rapid Graphics. I think I first met Ehud while he was teaching at Foothill college, and took classes there, and then started coming to classes at the studio.  I remember helping out backstage at some production at the college.  My that seems like forever ago : )  I am proud to be able to occasionally take class at Zohar, it is a bit of a commute though!
    ~ Abbi Young

    I remember dancing with Zohars just after graduating from the Univ. of Utah, which would have been around 1979.  That is when I first met you, in one of Ehud's jazz classes.  If I recall correctly, I think you were just starting, but even then you were a beautiful dancer and had elegant lines.  I think, my husband, Matt Thomas, took one class. It was at a elementary school, just north of where you are now.
    Fun memories.
    ~ Debra Holvick

    I think I started in August (25th)? 1983, taking Beginning Jazz.  After a few months I nervously asked Ehud if I could try Jazz I.  I started with evening classes, but then started taking the lunch-time class - I think is it was called Jazz I-II then.  In the spring of 86, my office moved to Sunnyvale, and I started carpooling, so it was too far for noon classes, and it didn't work in the evening.  In late 91, we moved back to Palo Alto, and I started back at Zohar (now at it's current location) by 1994, but maybe earlier.  You were at Cubberly by then.  I took some more time off in 1997 following my transplant surgeries, but have been pretty regular since then.
    ~ Cathy Ching

    It was August 1994 when Chad and I moved out to California. That makes it almost 18 years. As you recall I danced all the way through my pregnancy with Adin, including the week of his birth. Zohar has been an amazing place to be part of. I thank you all so,
    ~ Betty (aka Moses) Achinstein

    How could I not respond to "When did YOU start dancing at Zohar?"  Sorry I don't remember the year but I remember seeing Ehud even before he started Zohar, I think, one day when he jauntily sauntered into the Beth Am Congregation where I was a secretary--what an amazing figure he appeared to me!  Very confident, to say the least, seemed to have a lot of "chutzpah."  I thought I'd never see this strange guy again.

    One day when i was in Printer's Inc bookstore on California Street, I met a young man with whom i became friendly.  He gave me a gift certificate to Zohar which was next door--that was the beginning of when I started to dance as an adult.  Although I had taken some ballet lessons as a child and teen, I was hooked at Zohar from the first ballet lesson.

    From ballet, I went on to Jazz I at Zohar's Cubberley location, never progressing to Jazz II, but nevertheless loved Jazz I.  Many days, I felt it saved my emotional life to have this wonderful outlet of creativity, as well as the sense of community provided by Ehud and Daynee.  I took classes at Cubberley until Sept. 2001.

    In September 2001, after moving to Woodstock, NY, I took Modern dance with a succession of teachers; although there were very few teachers there, I was fortunate that one teacher, Andrea Pastorella, who was very good, resumed giving lessons after having lived in Europe.

    Now, 2008, just having moved to Pai, Thailand, there are zero dance teachers.  I keep hoping for a miracle but the only miracle seems to be that i have an adorable, wonderful grandson to grow with.

    My exercises now are walking, playing with the baby, and occasionally doing some exercising on my own.

    I am ever grateful to Zohar, Daynee and Ehud for many wonderful years!

    Dianna Wiegner
    Pai, Maehongson, Thailand

    I started at Zohar perhaps in 1985 or 1986! You and Ehud have added much to my life.
    ~ Ivy Lui

    I started at Zohar in early August, 1984. Yikes!  I had just moved to PA in July. My next door neighbors had 2 daughters that took class from Ehud (or at least 1 did) and suggested that I try his class.  And you know the rest of the story...
    ~ Cathy "Doc" Perman

    Sadly, I'm not taking class with you folks right now, but I always fantasize that I'll be popping back any moment, and I hope that's true.  I certainly go back before you and Ehud were married at the Calif. Street location.  I remember when that studio was divided into 2 studios.  It was a time when Danceworks from San Jose State was performing and Richard Gibson's studio had Cliff Kueter teaching there.  I remember your going off to Europe for a awhile?  My guess is that the year was 1977 or 1978?  I took ballet from Jancy Limpert and a few workshops that were offered.  She may have been replaced by Kristy?  I think Lisa was teaching modern dance then, which I also took.  I knew her from Santa Clara University, which is where I was teaching.  I was in the Assortment Dance Company out of De Anza College.  I remember finding one of my dancers for Janlyn Dance Company at your Jewish Comminity Center Location? or was that Gibson's studio?  Great fun to recall those times.  Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
    ~ Janet Shaw

    Let’s see…..I started at Zohar in the spring of 1997.  New to the bay area, my sister Linda suggested that I look into classes at Zohar as she had taken classes for a short time and thought I would enjoy the style of dance there.  And I did!!!!

    While at Zohar, I have gone through many life changing experiences.  Marriage, 2 children and new home.  It has been an extraordinary journey that has offered me so much personal growth with so many dance performance opportunities that have challenged me to stretch as a dancer.  I have fond memories of every dance performance and the friendships that one builds with other dancers during rehearsals.

    As I mentioned, it has been a great journey and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be part of the Zohar “family”.
    ~ Love-Jan Penagos

    Share your Zohar story. Send your story and picture (if available) to Daynee.

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