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    Our Vision, Mission, & Beliefs

    Zohar’s Vision

    Zohar’s vision is to play a vital role in the community it serves by assuring a permanent home for dance.

    Zohar’s Mission

    Zohar is dedicated to making dance accessible, inclusive, vibrant, relevant and integral to its community.

    Zohar Dance Studio Mission

    Through the Zohar Dance Studio, Zohar is dedicated to inspiring the individual through the study of dance, encouraging artistic development in both the individual and dance community, and providing a professional facility that is inclusive.

    Zohar Outreach Programs Mission

    Through programs targeted to reach those unlikely to experience dance, Zohar is dedicated to using dance to excite and engage youth.

    Zohar’s Beliefs

    We believe that…

    …everyone is a dancer.

    …everybody can dance.

    …every person can benefit by and gain from experiencing dance.

    …dance is transformational.

    …dance is a language.

    …dance challenges the individual.

    …dance is a catalyst for personal development.

    …dance is a personal exchange of experiences, understanding, expression, and culture.

    …dance nurtures the community through creative expression.